The Toothless Wonder, among other things.

Right now I’m mourning the loss of my son’s teeth. Last night Bryce, running towards me on our concrete patio, face-planted into the ground and knocked half of one tooth out, and damaged the other one in such a way that they will both need to be ‘extracted’ in two weeks time. That means he’ll be toothless until somewhere around, when do kids big teeth come in? 6? 7? I’m a little sad about it. It could be worse, I could be mourning the loss of an eye, a limb, or health. It’s just teeth, and he seems no worse for wear. As a dear friend said, “At least you just got his pictures done!” For real, right? I’m actually pretty glad for that.

I’m content my son has his face. And most of his chewing teeth. And his general health. I’m glad its what it is. A wise friend said to me in an email this morning that emergency room visits are part of the fine print when we have kids! Now we’ve been with both, I’m washing my hands of it! Also, I’m getting to the age where the ER docs are now YOUNGER than me. Last night I wanted to ask for this mans license. I asked him if “he was sure” after everything he said. I’m pretty sure he appreciated it.

Speaking of contentment (watch out because that was as good as my segues are going to get tonight), I’ve been s t r u g g l i n g with it. Facebook and instagram and all the lovely land of social media are usually not a big deal for me. I spend way too much time on Pinterest but I’m in love with it, so theres very little conviction there at the moment.

This week it got me! I think it poked at a tender spot, at all of these things that I feel myself wanting lately. I want to go to a beach (like, a hot, white sandy beach. If I’m going to want I’m going to go big), play with my kids in the water, or have someone watch my kids so I can go to a beach a lay by the water. I want to have saved enough to buy a house. That perfect home you can see yourself grow old in, host parties for your babies in. And this week I saw pictures of families traveling to places I want to go, buying houses with tennis courts. Tennis courts!! And I felt envious. This icky, visceral feeling that really doesn’t happen often, and I thought, I want that. That, what I’m looking at in this picture, looks easier than what I have. I don’t even have anything exciting going on right now. I’m not keeping up with any Jones’ because I am barely keeping my own head. Above. Water.

I used to think that being a christian or loving Jesus meant I wouldn’t struggle with this sort of thing, or if I did, that I would be able to more easily brush it off. But, as I’m learning to love the process of things, I am also learning that the struggle can be sort of beautiful, and a blessing too. I was talking over these icky icky feelings with someone tonight, and standing in my messy kitchen together, she told me that she had felt the same things at one time too, and God worked with her, on showing her he was giving her just what she needed. Maybe not what she wanted, but what she needed. There’s so much to want in this world, and really so little we need. We, I, have these big ideas for ourselves, to vacation, buy homes, decorate, do things, and I think there can be fun in that, but I think those things are just things.

I wish I could say that I’ve come around to a perfect contentment, but its still a little tug. What I can say is that I’m talking to God about it, and letting Him work it out. And that I’m content for the three people downstairs in my house right now who are so cute and who love me so much. And also for a glass of wine, a lock on my door, and these 20 minutes of quiet.

Keeping up Appearances

The blog looks pretty unkempt right about now. Apparently hackers broke into my theme and inserted links they hoped people would click on like, “Bill Cosby travels to China, check it out!”. I’m completely serious. So I have a little bit of work to do clearing out the theme and making it pretty again.

Speaking of appearances…I feel like I mostly post out of my messy, very real places. I write about things that I struggle with, hoping someone can relate and that they will feel less alone, and because articulating it in writing usually helps me process. And though relating doesn’t necessarily solve things, it always helps to know someone else thinks the same things, and that in itself can help you move forward. Or just feel less alone while you’re by yourself drinking your morning coffee waiting for your kids to wake up. Which I’m still doing. I’m actually just waiting on Bryce, Addie has been up since dawn, but man, can that boy sleep. He’s just storing energy to he can climb on tables, chairs, into sinks, and laugh while my heart stops 18 times a day.

So heres my thought for today. While I mostly wanted to post to apologize for how beastly the blog looks, it got me thinking about the image we want to project to people.

I think that I’m normally great with people thinking I’m a work in progress, but I still want to appear to have it mostly together. To have my house look super clean and cute when you come over. To appear not to worry about what people think, if someone likes me or (eegads!) doesn’t, or thinks I’m doing a good job, whatever that means, but my head still thinks it.

What God has been trying to tell me this year, and it gets projected louder and louder each time I struggle with this (I’m pretty sure He has resorted to yelling, in the most loving way possible, at this child he adores), is that His voice is the one that needs to be the loudest, not all of the other voices I look to for approval, even pastors. He is the one who will tell me how I’m doing, where I need to go. I’m looking to drown out all of the other voices, until His is the one I hear most clearly, and look to most often.

On that note, I just heard a thud coming from Bryce’s room. I’m assuming he just threw a book, but I’m going to go make sure he hasn’t hurled himself.

Making a way in the wilderness

It has been a very long time since I’ve logged into the old blog. Actually, I’ve logged in, but had no idea what to write. I’ve been trying to figure out whats been stopping me from posting, and then I remember that its a vortex of laundry, kids, gross counters, exhaustion, a full brain, topped off with a cherry of self doubt. What do I talk about after almost 2 years? You’d think I would have stockpiled a few funny, touching stories over the months, but its actually the opposite. My brain lately is like a sieve – and most of the things that would be helpful for me to remember are strained out and, well, out there. Somewhere.

Apparently I have Addie enrolled in a dance class? We’ve gone for a few weeks, and then today on the phone today my mom asked me how dance was going. I literally had no idea what she was talking about. Class was yesterday. We did not go. And hopefully I remember next week. I’m very proud of myself when I remember to text people back quickly. On the other hand, if I haven’t gotten back to you, I’m sorry….
Gun to my head, if I had to sum up the past years and months, I would say that I’ve fallen down a lot. Figuratively and literally. I’ve become significantly less graceful and poised in public. Bryce and I were recently in the Spotted Cow, one of our favorite outings while Addie is in preschool. While I was chatting with a friend, ever so cool and sociable, I walked backwards out of the Cow, tripping backwards and knocking over several metal (and therefore loud) chairs on the way. While Baby and coffee remained unharmed, my pride was a little banged up, but not as much as it would have been a few years ago. The older I become, and the longer I parent tiny children who try to pull my pants down in public and unlock public bathroom stalls while I’m using them, the more I let go of this idea of being pulled together. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t desperately want to be.

monstersOver the months since I’ve written, I’ve fallen down in the more figurative sense. I feel tired 90% of the time, and on top of my life the other 10%. Striving to be a successful mom/woman/friend/wife trips me up, because inevitably there are days my children are. just. cranky. Or I am! And I’m not always filled with grace for them, but my heart wants to be. Or I skip that run, take a nap instead of clean, drink too much coffee (I used to wonder if there was such a thing but have since figured out that yes, there really is), or don’t show a friend the love I could, because I don’t feel I have the time. For me, the struggle in these places has been in thinking that this is failure, that this is the way it will be, that God can’t or won’t forge a new path for me.

But God says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43: 18-19.

And I remember that there is so much hope! Hope when I feel tired and I see all of my plans casually strewn about the messiness that sometimes is my house (or my car. My poor, poor car. Who invented goldfish and squeezies? And why, in my desperation, did I ever give them to my kids while driving? My sweet husband thinks this all the time, I promise you).

2 Corinthians 5:17 says that if anyone is in Christ, a new creation is come. The old is gone. A favorite author of mine, Lysa Terkeurst, reminds us through this verse that everything broken is subject to restoration. That means me, you…I’m not sure if it applies to chaos that can exist in my home but I kind of think so. I think God works in those little things. God is bigger than the self doubt I experience when someone watches me discipline my children (being in that fishbowl is torture for me. Torture.) He’s bigger than my forgetfulness, and my good intentions, and my inability to promptly respond to texts or find my phone. I believe that no matter how many times we try, try, and try again, and then try some more, He can and will still restore us. Me. And thats a beautiful truth.

I’ll take the most crumbly piece of pie, thank you.

When I was pregnant with Addie, I worried about how she would turn out. Not so much a, “Will she have a third eye?” kind of worry (although sometimes), but I worried because I was going to be her mom. Before you cross this off as just too wildly self deprecating, understand that I really had this imprinted into my head: plants, pets, then kids. Keep a plant alive, get a pet. Keep that pet going for a few years, then you can think about having a kid. I kill plants with wild abandon, and sometimes I think my cats hate me. We have a garden now, from which we are obtaining actual food (more on that later) but its all thanks to Tony. I think the garden is the coolest thing ever, and I think it would be really sweet to be into gardening. Just like I think it would be really cool to be into running, mostly so I can wear the cute runners clothes and look really awesome in them and make my friends super jealous. I did do the running thing for a while, but then I remembered I don’t like it. The insatiable ecstasy  that happens while running must have skipped past me and onto someone else who isn’t intrinsically disturbed by spending several hundred dollars on Lululemon jogging shorts.

And so back to plant murder and children…

I wasn’t sure how I could be a mother. It requires a kind of selflessness I wasn’t sure I was capable of. I realized that when you get married, your own selfishness reflects back at you in mirror that is disturbingly accurate. All at once you’re sharing, giving, thinking of someone else…all of the time. Sometimes you’re even expected to give them the piece of pie that DIDN’T totally fall apart when you were scooping it out of the pan, even though you really want that piece. It took me years to get used to that. Motherhood scared me, because I worried that all of those flaws that were exposed when I got married would be exhumed and magnified. What kid could stand up to that, and turn out alright? So far it has all worked out…surprisingly well. Its not that when Addie came I suddenly abandoned all of my needs and wants and predilections towards the nun-crumbly piece of pie, but they were easier to put on the back burner for this amazing little person. I don’t know that it is because of Tony and I, but I really like the way Addie has turned out so far. I think she’s a cool little kid. I can only take this to mean that I haven’t completely and irreversibly mucked her up as a parent yet. I am, of course, still learning, but perhaps I’m a bit more mature than when I got married 8 years ago (not 100% sure of this), and perhaps its a bit easier to put my wants on hold for someone else. I still enjoy (more of a clawing at the walls kind of need) time to be alone, time to read a book, get uninterrupted coffee with a friend, go on a date with my hubs, drive without constantly handing someone snacks, time to stare at a wall and drool…but I can take care of Addie first, without feeling exhausted or bitter or resentful. I really worried if I would be good at that before she got here.

This lemony summer has taken on a different meaning of selflessness. We don’t have lemons growing in our garden; this is more of an, “Instead of Lemonade My Summer Gave Me Lemons” type of reference. I know the whole parenting sacrifice begins way before they get here. We give up coffee (well, we give up having 4 cups a day, I can’t tell you that I’ve completely abandoned all caffiene), we pass on our delicious summer cocktails (there is SO much mint growing in our garden – a mojito party is happening on my deck when he gets here), and if we’re on bed rest we give up a little more. We give up our typical idea of nesting (hard to do when you’re supposed to be sitting!), getting those last minute projects before baby completed, and exercise…this has been tough for me. Not that I was an Iron Girl beforehand, but I have completely let go of any notion of looking like that cute pregnant lady with a basketball stuck up her shirt. Right now its more of a “just give me my pregnant lady mumu and shut up about it,” kind of thing. I’ve given up going places with Addie when we’re alone, because I can’t lift her into the car. I had a lot of hopes about this summer with her, because it is our last summer of just her and I paling around without any other siblings, and I wanted to make it special. Instead I’ve had to get creative and make it special at home, but thats something I had to let go of.

I think I’ve just generally given up my expectations of the way these months and this summer would go. And its (deep breath) generally alright with me. Some days I find myself more content, and some days I am just itching to have this baby. I told a friend last night that I actually googled, “How to make 10 weeks go by faster.” That was a low point. Google doesn’t really understand what I’m dealing with here.

Until then, I have this gorgeous deck, a gorgeous kid, and a gorgeous husband who has been ridiculously, unbelievably, “pinch me is he for real?” awesome during all of this. I don’t mind getting the crumbly piece of pie for a while. And I get to sit here and post blogs. Its not half bad.




This is a good blog post my husband sent me this morning. Its some good stuff to chew on.

Be a Friend to Have a Friend
by Laura MacCorkle

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17, NIV

Christmas is just about three weeks past us, but the remnants remain on a bulletin board in my office.

There, I have thumb-tacked various holiday family pictures and newsletters that I received in the mail from all different friends and acquaintances.  I decided that that’s how I would “handle” these materials this year, instead of putting them in a pile to collect dust and go forgotten.

As I look at the bulletin board each day, my heart is warmed as I see the faces of friends who have played different roles in my life:  comforter, truth-teller, listener, hugger, encourager, constructive criticizer, relationship decoder/investigator, and so forth.

I see so many ways of serving and giving from so many different types of friends.  And I am blessed as I am reminded of what they have done for me.  And then I am also convicted:  What am I doing for my friends?  How am I pouring into their lives as they are pouring into mine?  How is God moving me to be part of their worlds?  And am I responding to his instruction and guidance in my life?

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said:  “The only way to have a friend is to be one.”  And he was so right about that.  Friendships don’t just happen.  They take time.  They take effort.  They take upkeep.  And that means we all have to do something if we want to cultivate, grow and nurture relationships with others.

When I look at my bulletin board of friends, if I am truly willing to be a friend “who loves at all times,” I know that that means I have to always be ready to shelve or alter my plans in order to help meet the varied needs of others.

It’s something God has been working on me for a while now.  Am I willing to lay down my plans and sacrifice my time and my desires for my friends?  Or is it more important that I get done today what is on my list and what I think is right for me?  Am I seeking the Lord for his direction?  Am I paying attention to the Holy Spirit for conviction?

Let me warn you, though.  Don’t ask God to move in your life in this way unless you really mean it.  Because when you do ask him to help you be a better friend and to help you reach out to others, he will give you plenty of opportunities that may or may not be what you had in mind.

You might be asked to…

  • Offer your professional skills to someone else in need for free.
  • Forgo your after-work errands or agenda to just sit, listen and offer a warm hug
  • Give up your Saturday to help someone move, paint a house or run a garage sale.

Better yet, you might be moved to…

  • Give financially to someone you don’t even know.
  • Befriend the “different” or “difficult” person whom no one else likes.
  • Not take careless words or confusing situations personally and instead choose to “cover” these minor offenses with love.

That’s what a true friend does:  gets outside of themselves and gives.  And gives.  And gives!  Are you up to it?  I’m asking myself the same question.  For friends both new and old, how can we be a true friend to someone else today?

Intersecting Faith & Life: No doubt, at some point in your life you’ve known what it’s like to be on the receiving end of someone who has been a good friend to you.  But what’s it like to be your friend?  Do you take more than you give?  Are you ever around?  Do you take time to listen and care about others’ concerns and life matters?  Take a friend inventory today and see what changes you might need to make in your outreach to those you call “friend.”

Further Reading:

John 15:13
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

And we’re leaving, in a moving truck, don’t know when we’ll be back…

We’re currently in the middle of moving, which translates to lots of stress, breaking out, and unintentionally wearing the same outfits over and over again. I actually hadn’t even realized that I was stressed out until yesterday when Tony said something quite benign and nonthreatening and I quite literally bit his head off. There in fact may actually still be teeth marks. After a moment like that, as you are quietly thinking about your actions while walking because your husband has let you out on the side of the freeway (not really, though if I were him I might have done this), you realize, “Golly, maybe I’m a little on edge.”

Fun facts about moving:

It is the third most stressful life event (following death and divorce). 

I told this to my friend Katie the other day (not talking to myself, I actually have a friend whose name is Katie), and I said while trying to justify my stressed-out-ness, “They say moving is one of the top three most stressful events in a person’s life.” And being her intellectual and cunning self, she retorted, “Well, who is they?” Well, here you go my friend (Employee Relocation Council, 2003).

The typical moving customer is between ages 25 and 44, with children ages 2 – 11.

That makes Tony and I very typical. Addie is 2. I’m 29, and Tony is 31. Tony is getting old…

Advice to make moving easier:

Get back to normal as soon as possible. 

We’re going to try! We are moving things slowly over this week, with our “big move” planned for this week. We also have friends who have offered to help us pack or drive boxes over this week. How ridiculous is that? Friends who offer to help you pack and take things to your home. How blessed are we. It is not lost on us.

Pace yourself.

This was hard to do. We found out we needed to move very recently, and found a house within a week. One of the reasons for this is very few homes are actually found during the holidays, so we knew if we wanted to find something we loved and would be in for a while, we would need to be on top of it. Total turnaround for finding out we needed to move, finding a home, packing, and moving: 3 weeks. Giant Self Pat on the Back.

Pack Late.

We wanted to keep Addie’s routine as normal as possible. The first week we found out we needed to move there were boxes everywhere and things we not normal. It really was reflected in Addie’s routine and mood. We are trying to keep her bedroom and our living room as normal as possible until D Day.


Tonight, friends are coming over to help us pack. Ah-mah-zing. Until then, keep us in your prayers. My husband surely needs them as he will be tasked with keeping me calm the next few days…what a man what a man.





Why we sometimes spend.

Restoration, Refinement, and Renewal were the themes for the retreat I was privileged to attend this weekend in Leavenworth with a group of very real, very fun women from Mill Creek 4Square Church.

When a retreat is associated with a church or corporate setting, its often synonymous with the idea that you’ll come back refreshed. Whenever I hear “to retreat,” my mind immediately envisions an army retreating from battle. The retreat could be forced or strategic, and its usually for protection until they can come up with a game plan to get out with life and limbs in tact. I blame this on years of repeatedly watching Lord of the Rings (which I still think has hands down the best battle scenes ever). As people, we’re very similar to elven and hobbit filled armies…when its time to retreat, we draw back, go somewhere, and seclude ourselves for protection until there is a game plan and its time to come out. 

This retreat was full for me. Of knowledge, conversations, time in my head, and time in my journal. The theme of the weekend was to restore, to refine, and to renew. Unfortunately, I don’t think this process is always pleasant. There is a tree called the Pitch Pine Tree that, soon after a fire, sprouts needles from its trunk. The tree holds onto it’s cones, which, in extreme heat, open. The fire then allows the trees to reseed themselves. So, it seems as though we cannot grow until someone sets us on fire. Bummer.

Thats actually not true, though this idea of painful refinement (I really do pay attention in Thursday morning Bible study!) is that it hurts, you walk through it with God, and hopefully there’s growth and newness when its done. The hardest part of this is that we’re not actually Pitch Pine Trees. We don’t automatically reseed after an agricultural season. It could take a much longer.

What in the world does this have to do with spending you might be wondering? No Spend November is actually one of the first, tangible steps in what might be a process of painful refinement for me. I realize, and have been realizing as I’ve been very mindful of money these past four days, that I don’t necessarily always use it as currency. In fact, in can be used as a very real distraction. Purchasing items & having money can often be a smokescreen that serves as a diversion. I want to put all of that away and focus on whats actually going on. Thats my heart.

I’ll be very real with you right now, and my only hope is that I’ve been too wordy up until this point and you have stopped reading. I spent this weekend. Ug, I said it. Tony and I laughed about it when I confessed to him after I got home, but we also know that its simply an affirmation for why we are choosing to do No Spend November.

The retreat was a lot for me. A lot to process. When we’re faced with our junk, its so much easier to get a gingerbread latte and retreat…but not in a good way. Maybe hide is more accurate. When faced with things I didn’t want to think about, it’s easier to go to Starbucks, wander around the bookstore, and buy yourself a scarf, earrings, and a really cute headband. Please hear what I mean when I say that there is nothing inherently wrong with that. At all. Unfortunately, when your comfort and peace is found in a distraction, I don’t think thats a great thing.

So, although the things I bought were pretty darn cute, I think I did it because everything I was thinking about was a little too much for me and instead of sitting down and praying it through, I shopped it through. The same could be said for anyone who finds security in things that aren’t God; friends, tv, food, sports, eggnog…and the list could go on.

Fortunately for me, and for No Spend November, there is a lot of grace to be found in slip ups. They can serve as a motivator, and a hope that there is always a next time. And whoa there! Look how much character I’m building as I imperfectly execute these moves. It could take longer than a season to get this down. As we’ve established, I am unfortunately not a tree. Imperfection, persistence, and hope are good things. Things that I’ll need as I navigate through our thrifty little month.

October Night

It’s a dark, windy, and kind of rainy October Night. In other words, it’s perfect. I’m drinking hot apple cider, sprinkled with spiced rum, and I’m looking at this:

Addie’s in bed, happily on her part, snuggled with Elmo and Puppy and Pillow and Blanket (and Bunny and Monkey x 2). Tony’s doing his homework for mens bible study in the morning, and all of this is good because its been a high traffic day. In my head at least.

I’ve been thinking alot today about where I’d like us to end up when we move. Its not a high priority decision, as we don’t have to move today, but I’ve been tossing between being in the middle of nowhere, which makes me feel peaceful and calm, and practical living situations that are close to Tony’s work. As far as tonights concerned, not a big deal at all. In the grand scheme of me though, it kind of is. And here’s why.

I think we can mold to what we are around sometimes, and get away from what makes us us. It’s easy when you’re in the hustle and bustle to feel like thats what makes you tick, and thats what you like, because thats where you are. If you’re in the city, you feel like you need to play the part. You start to dress a little more fashionably, decorate a little differently, stay busy and stay in the swing of things. We move faster since we have moved from Bellingham, many many years ago. Maybe this is life changing, maybe its our environment, and maybe its both.

But when I think about what makes me happy, where I’d feel good, its in the middle of fields, in a house thats a little drive from the stores and the malls and well, even Target. Actually, it can be closer to Target than those other things. I guess I’m thinking of where I’d like to settle and what I want that to look like.

I think it’d be cool to plan a garden. I think it would be neat to look out around me and only see the lights from a few houses. I’d love to not see the UHaul Sign from across the street bright and blaring every night.

Like I said, nothings changing now, and probably not soon (until our landlords say it’s time to pack up!) But when they do, and when we have to start moving those boxes, I think I’d like it if we were still close to our family and friends, but close to the farms and fields too.

Rainy Morning

I’m sitting on the couch this morning, drinking a PSL (double tall, extra-hot, 1/2 the pumpkin) from Tony and I’m reading other people’s blogs. In fact, I’ve found one I think I’m obsessed with (a little). Click here for the post with which I’m currently infatuated.

This particular blog post is all about putting together a cleaning schedule you’ll actually stick to. I’ve been holed up inside our house for a week straight, and so this is kind of a big deal for me. Addie has had the Green Snot Cold, and although she sounds so. darn. cute stuffed up, its hard to take a toddler places when they sneeze and shoot silly putty snot from their nose onto all of the public toys around them. I didn’t think other parents would love it. In fact, I was pretty sure I’d be lynched, so we’ve stayed put this week. Aside from going a little “the Shining” type crazy this week, its been pretty good.

I’ve been forced to focus on home stuff. Freezer cooking. Cleaning schedules. Pantry organization, which I may have gone a little overboard on. Something about fall makes me want to waste less, declutter, spend less, be more simple, simplistic, and meaningful with my time. If you try to do all of those things at once, its really hard. I think its because its not just changing actions, its changing mindsets and habits. Habits, by definition, are really ingrained, and so I get really motivated, and then find myself sitting down to watch an episode of Homeland (or 3) when Addie goes down for a nap.

All of this to say, I’ve been loving this blog. Its stylish, cute, and she longs to be organized, simplistic, routine, meaningful, and effortless just like me. I’m hoping that I’m just not that far into the blog yet and that she’s actually done it by now so I can be inspired.

Speaking of habits, I’m currently reading (as in I have bought it and have yet to open, but will soon) this book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 . I think it could be really interesting, and it even comes with a quiz you get to take! I love quizzes, it feels like 17 Magazine all over again but with a purpose. Anyway, I’m hoping for some big revelations, or at least a few helpful tips and interesting tidbits to come from reading this. Expect posts to come!



Fall is coming. I’m so excited I could dance around in my scarves and boots and cozy warm jackets…but with it brings a little anxiety, only in that I have this ginormous need to feel organized, clutter free, simple, and prepared for fall.

Meal plans that will produce leftovers. Closets that make sense and are easily maneuverable. A generally clutter free house that has what it needs, but not much excess. Some sort of cleaning schedule, along with some motivation to actually clean (not sure how I’m going to drum that one up).

What I would really like is for my life to look like some sort of giant walking Pinterest Board, where everything is organized and categorized and colorful and appealing. Pinterest always makes me feel motivated…until I shut my laptop. So, my goal for fall is to figure out the way to keep that motivation. Then I will blog about it, copyright it, make millions of dollars, and hire someone else to do all of it for me in the future. I would also buy a pair of really, really expensive boots.

How do you get organized? When have you found is the best time for you to do projects?


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