And we’re leaving, in a moving truck, don’t know when we’ll be back…

We’re currently in the middle of moving, which translates to lots of stress, breaking out, and unintentionally wearing the same outfits over and over again. I actually hadn’t even realized that I was stressed out until yesterday when Tony said something quite benign and nonthreatening and I quite literally bit his head off. There in fact may actually still be teeth marks. After a moment like that, as you are quietly thinking about your actions while walking because your husband has let you out on the side of the freeway (not really, though if I were him I might have done this), you realize, “Golly, maybe I’m a little on edge.”

Fun facts about moving:

It is the third most stressful life event (following death and divorce). 

I told this to my friend Katie the other day (not talking to myself, I actually have a friend whose name is Katie), and I said while trying to justify my stressed-out-ness, “They say moving is one of the top three most stressful events in a person’s life.” And being her intellectual and cunning self, she retorted, “Well, who is they?” Well, here you go my friend (Employee Relocation Council, 2003).

The typical moving customer is between ages 25 and 44, with children ages 2 – 11.

That makes Tony and I very typical. Addie is 2. I’m 29, and Tony is 31. Tony is getting old…

Advice to make moving easier:

Get back to normal as soon as possible. 

We’re going to try! We are moving things slowly over this week, with our “big move” planned for this week. We also have friends who have offered to help us pack or drive boxes over this week. How ridiculous is that? Friends who offer to help you pack and take things to your home. How blessed are we. It is not lost on us.

Pace yourself.

This was hard to do. We found out we needed to move very recently, and found a house within a week. One of the reasons for this is very few homes are actually found during the holidays, so we knew if we wanted to find something we loved and would be in for a while, we would need to be on top of it. Total turnaround for finding out we needed to move, finding a home, packing, and moving: 3 weeks. Giant Self Pat on the Back.

Pack Late.

We wanted to keep Addie’s routine as normal as possible. The first week we found out we needed to move there were boxes everywhere and things we not normal. It really was reflected in Addie’s routine and mood. We are trying to keep her bedroom and our living room as normal as possible until D Day.


Tonight, friends are coming over to help us pack. Ah-mah-zing. Until then, keep us in your prayers. My husband surely needs them as he will be tasked with keeping me calm the next few days…what a man what a man.