Fresh Starts

Fall means different things for everyone. While technically the first day of Autumn is on September 22, the signs of fall are all around. Fog over the lake in the morning, leaves falling off trees and blowing on the roads, Monday Night Football, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, a personal favorite of mine. Its chillier at night, the mornings are darker, and I want to make chili and pumpkin bread. So while everything in me screams fall right now, I know that it is almost around the corner. It may not be here yet, but it surely will be here soon.

While I see many of my friends posting on Facebook that they’re just not ready, I delight in Fall’s promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. Many parts of my blog are new. Can you tell? Though it may not be complete, what better way to begin the process of completion but to just start and put it out there? Thats what I thought today. I have a hard time with putting things, or myself, out there before its perfect (ha), or complete. It’s hard to be in process, and let others see. Welcome to my process!

So while summer is ending, and yes you summer lovers, it truly is, fall offers a fresh start. A chance for not only new school supplies, but a renewed excitement for the year to come. So come back often, I will be posting frequently. I would love to have you.